Friday, April 24, 2009

5th Grade Talent Show

This year's school Talent Show turned into a 2 day event. The first day, Thursday, Alyssa came over after school to get ready. I did her hair & make up and we drove down to the school. Unfortunately, half way through the show the power went out and they couldn't continue. (Apparently, they didn't know that the show must go on.) Alyssa was very disappointed but they announced that they would be continuing the show the next day.

So the next day, Alyssa came over again after school to get ready and we headed back to the school for Part 2. She sang Part of Your World and did a fantastic job! Doesn't she look lovely?

So Cute

I can't believe Will is already a year old! He's getting so big. It's crazy! Here a couple of pictures of my darling nephew from when they last came down to visit.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bath Time

Rufus is my Grandma's crazy dog. He has really long hair and he loves to runaround and get dirty. While we were up visiting dad and Alyssa decided it was time again for Rufus to get a bath and brush out his long crazy hair. He didn't like that idea very much.

So he hid under the coffee table.

But they found him anyway. Busted.

Doesn't he look lovely?

See that wasn't so bad. ;o)

Sam I Am

While I was up in Northern California this weekend, I went to the California Museum. They had some really interesting exhibits. There was one all about service dogs and all the things they can do to help people. There was one about the Japanese Internment Camps and how the people lived there. But I think my favorite part was the Theodor Geisel exhibit.

Green Thumb

My dad's side of the family all enjoy gardening and growing all kinds of plants. I wish that it was an ability that I inherited, but unfortunately it is not. But I do enjoy looking at all the stuff they grow.

Northern California

Every time I come up to Northern California to visit my family, I'm very tempted to stay there. It's so beautiful and green. Unfortunately, I can't move there right now. I guess the pictures will have to hold me over until the next time I can go visit. Take a look at the pictures and you'll see what I mean.